Criminal Defense: Drunk Driving And Alcohol Laws In Utah

The only way to purchase alcoholic drinks for a certain individual if he is in the state of Utah is when he is 21 years old. The government is strict when it comes to this matter. They are firm when it comes to selling and purchasing alcoholic drinks for the benefit of the people. Although the local people follow or abide the law, it became a prominent issue to those people who are not a native of the state. They often find the law to be particularly stringent.

The only allowed amount of alcohol content is about 3.2%. Alcoholic drinks such as beers need to follow such alcohol content. Otherwise, they cannot sell them in the market. For some people who would want to purchase an alcoholic drink that has a higher alcohol content may still purchase from any state liquor agency or stores. Those agencies have a license to sell liquor that has higher alcohol content. Convenience stores cannot do that.

Since we have mentioned that the Utah government is so rigorous when it comes to its policies regarding alcoholic drinks, there are still those people who violate the law. Drunk driving is a tremendous offense. If the criminal case of drunk driving is proven, the defendant will lose his license. Aside from that, if a minor is driving under the influence of alcohol, he can only regain their license once they reached the age of 21. For those who person caught doing the same offense, the penalties are sterner in order to discipline them.

Aside from losing their license for at least 120 days, other stiff penalties for the first offense include jail time, work service program that is of 48 hours, home confinement, and fine of $700. The second offense is sterner. A person who drives a car under the influence of alcohol can be put into jail for 240 hours, render a work service program for 240 hours, home confinement, fine of $800, and their driver's license can be suspended for 2 years. The third offense could get a person in jail for 1500 hours, fine of $1500, suspension of their license for 2 years, and the worst is that an IID OR Ignition Interlock Device.

If a certain individual subject to a criminal case such as driving under the influence of alcohol, it is extremely valuable for them to have a strong counsel such as Utah criminal defense attorney. A Salt Lake City criminal attorney who have years of experience in such case can tremendously help during the trial.
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